Mr. Tahir Hassan Naqvi

An accountant by profession, is a sincere and dedicated momin brother who has been taking groups of pilgrims to holy site at Iran, Iraq, Mecca and Madina since 1990 as a group leader with great integrity.

Phone: 07740521823

Mr. Abid Farshori

A successful business man with Master`s in Business administration, having travelled more than fifty five countries have finally found eternal peace and perpetual satisfaction in visiting the Holy Shrines of Masoomeen a.s and thus have decided to devote time by sharing the acquired expertise in serving the Zaireen to assist them in availing this unique blessing of Allah s.t in performing Ziaraat of thy`s chosen infallibles.

Phone: 07766330574

Mr. Mohammed Akbar Ali

He has been a Property developer and Textile distributor based in Luton.
But due to his immense love and affection of Ahle Bait a.s, and the desire to serve the respectable Zaireen he is involved in taking groups of pilgrims to perform Ziaraat of Iran and Iraq for a number of years.

Phone: 07957213853